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Radio Invicta  - Key Dates

3rd June 1964

First test transmissions for Radio Invicta

17th July 1964

Regular programmes start

16th December 1964

DJ Simon Ashley (real name Barry Hoy), engineer Martin Shaw and Radio Invicta owner Tom Pepper drowned when the station’s tender sank on the return journey from Red Sands Fort

11th February 1965

Radio Invicta closed

6th July 1964

The Beatles' film "Hard Day's Night" premiered in London.

15th December 1964

Canada's House of Commons approved dropping the "Red Ensign" flag in favour of a new design.

7th February 1965 World champion boxer Cassius Clay became a Muslim and adopted the name Muhammad Ali.

Test transmission for Radio Invicta

Radio Invicta reception report request.mp3

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