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Radio Seagull - Key Dates


7th January 1974

Radio Seagull reintroduced at 9.00pm following the closure of Radio Mi Amigo's broadcasts

23rd February 1974

Broadcasts began as usual at 9.00pm but now under the call sign  Radio Caroline


24th July 1973

A new English language station - Radio Seagull - launched from the MV Mi Amigo

1st October 1973

The lattice frame aerial mast on the MV Mi Amigo collapsed

4th October 1973

A temporary aerial system is constructed and Radio Seagull returns, but on 10kW power instead of 50kW

18th October 1973

The temporary aerial system failed completely putting Radio Seagull off the air

24th December 1973

Construction of a new aerial mast on board MV Mi Amigo completed. Test transmissions begin in preparation for the launch of Radio Mi Amigo

10th July 1973

The Bahamas gain full independence within the Common Wealth of Nations.

16th October 1973 OPEC, the Arab oil-producing nations, announced they would begin cutting back on oil exports to Western nations .

4th January 1974

US President Nixon refused to hand over tape recordings and documents subpoenaed by the Senate Watergate Committee.

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