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Free Radio Campaign Germany (FRCG)

In 1966, in Offenburg, Frank Leonhardt started the "German Caroline Club" . Some years later, in 1972, Frank Leonhardt, joined with with Ernst Wronna  to form  the Free Radio Campaign Germany (FRCG)

Also in Aachen.  Wolfgang Meures launched  a "Nordsee Club"  in support of Radio North Sea International (RNI) and produced  a series of leaflets with news about the station. In November 1971, however, he stated that he planned to stop publishing his leaflets in favour of working together with other people in one organisation in the Fight for Free Radio. This signalled the merger of the "Nordsee Club" with the FRCG.

The FRC Germany published a magazine -  Free Radio News, (later renamed Radio News) - which appeared on a regular basis for many years until the 1980s (although several further issues were produced in the 1990s).

Cover of issue 38 of Radio News published in February 1982

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