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FRA/FRC Branches in The Netherlands

The Dutch Free Radio Association branch was started in Rotterdam by Edward van der Meer (Edwin Lake) in 1967. Initially the organisation was known as "Free Radio Action," and was not at that time affiliated to the British Free Radio Association (FRA).

However, Edward van der Meer encountered financial problems shortly after launching Free Radio Action and contacted the FRA in England. The result was that in 1968 the  organisation adopted the new name of "Free Radio Association, Department Holland."

Members were promised a news bulletin every six weeks, but although members paid in advance for 12 months worth of issues none were ever published.

Some time later, Hans Verbaan became the new representative for the FRA/FRC in the Netherlands. Hans Verbaan organised  boat trips to the offshore radio stations off the Dutch coast at that time and, through  co-operation with the Free Radio Campaign, he organised the "Caroline Request Show," presented in Dutch as well as in English on  Radio Caroline in 1973.

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