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Veronica Blifjt

In 1971, some people in the Radio Veronica  organisation decided to close their competitor Radio Northsea International  (RNI). This action, in which the RNI ship Mebo II was fire bombed resulted in  adverse publicity for Radio Veronica after it became clear that representatives of the station had been involved in the attack on their rival.

To try and restore their good name and reputation, the Veronica-DJs decided to start a campaign —Veronica, blijft als U dat wilt — Veronica stays if you want it.

Postcards were printed and widely distributed to listeners who were asked to show their support for Veronica’s continued operation by  filling in their name and sending the cards back to the station.

All over the Netherlands, about 15,000 volunteers circulated the Veronica Blijft cards and by 19th August  1971, one million cards had been signed and returned  to Radio Veronica in Hilversum.

Demonstration 18th April 1973

In April 1973, when the Dutch Parliament was debating the proposed law to ban offshore stations from operating off their coast, a mass demonstration was arranged in The Hague

Radio Veronica was closely involved in arranging this demonstration outside the Parliament building on 18th April 1973. In the previous weeks, countless promos were transmitted by the station, asking the listeners to come to The Hague.

A research project on the listening behaviour of the Dutch population showed that over 75%  tuned in to one or both of the offshore radio stations (Radio Veronica and RNI) on a daily basis and 60% of the population wanted the offshore stations to continue their programmes.

However, despite the huge turnout for the demonstration in The Hague, the Dutch Parliament voted on 28th June, 1973, in favour of outlawing the offshore stations. The Act became law on 1st September, 1974, resulting in the closure of the three offshore stations then operating off the Dutch coast - Radio Veronica, RNI and Radio Atlantis.

Demonstration in the Hague 18th April 1973

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Radio Veronica publicity material for the demonstration in the Hague 18th April 1973

Above:  Sticker

Right: front cover of the Veronica 538 magazine issue dated 14th April 1973