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Former Name(s)



Concrete hulled French Navy supply vessel


70’ (21.3m)


585 tons


Flag state(s)


Stations Housed

Radio Antwerpen

(12th October - 16th December 1962)

Ultimate fate

Ran aground 16th December 1962, lay as an abandoned wreck until being blown up in 1971.

Uilenspiegel Uilenspiegel on slipway Uilenspiegel being converted 1962 Uilenspiegel being towed out of Antwerp

Top Right: Uilenspiegel on the slipway

Far right: Uilenspiegel is towed out of Antwerp Harbour, September 1962

Right: Uilenspiegel at Wilhelms Dock, Antwerp, undergoing conversion work, 1962

Uilenspiegel aground Uilenspiegel aground Uilenspiegel aground Uilenspiegel aground Uilenspiegel aground Uilenspiegel aground Uilenspiegel aground

Photo: jingleweb.nl

Photo: jingleweb.nl

Photo: jingleweb.nl

Above: views of the Uilenspiegel after she ran aground on Cadzand Beach  - where she remained for over nine years.

After running aground in December 1962 the Uilenspiegel was left abandoned on Cadzand Beach. The ship was plundered by visitors and the wreck gradually sank into the sand.

By 1971 the ship was considered to be a public danger (a young boy had been seriously injured whilst climbing on the wreck) and it was blown up by the Dutch authorities.

However, the lower part of the hull was undamaged  by the explosion . The hull gradually became covered by sand, although some parts were still visible until 2001 when the remains were covered with more sand by the local council in Sluis-Aardenburg.



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Thanks to Martin van der Ven for allowing us to use some additional information from the Broadcasting Fleet section of the Offshore Radio Guide  in this Gallery

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