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Commercial Radio Supporters’ Club

IN the Spring of 1967 The Commercial Radio Supporters Club was formed by Paul Rusling  and a few friends. The organisation was based in the north east of England and organised a petition to save Radio 270 (anchored off Yorkshire), as well as the other offshore stations.

Radio 270 gave the organisation on-air promotion and within two months almost 100,000 signatures had been collected for the  petition, which was later presented  to 10 Downing Street.  

Unfortunately the petition, like so many others, had no effect on the introduction of legislation and the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Bill passed through the Parliamentary process, coming into effect on 15th August 1967 resulting in the closure of all the offshore stations (apart from the two Radio Caroline stations).

After Radio 270 had closed the Commercial Radio Supporters Club  started operating  weekly disc nights in Hull, with former  Radio 270 DJs  as guest presenters. - Rusty Allen, Alan West (then known as  Ross Randell) and Mike Baron were regulars, and Radio Caroline North DJ,Don Allen , appeared just a month after the station had closed in March 1968.

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