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Arutz Sheva TV

In September 2002 the owners of the Israeli offshore radio station, Arutz Sheva, announced plans to start a new television service. The Arutz Sheva radio stations had by that time been broadcasting programmes to Israel for over 14 years.

Although intended to be an extension of the two radio services already provided by the offshore station the planned television service itself was not to be based offshore, but was to originate its programmes from Europe, and beam them to Israel via satellite.

Programmes were to be broadcast 24 hours a day in Hebrew and English and include news, current affairs, Jewish History, and Torah (Bible) readings. In the first few months the broadcasts were to be pre-recorded and then, within six months, they would changeover to live programming and news broadcasts.

Arutz Sheva owner, Yaacov Katz,  said that the channel’s representatives were raising funds in Europe and the USA and that satellite dishes to pick up the broadcasts would be available for sale in October 2002.

However, significantly increased government action against the offshore radio station meant that plans for Arutz Sheva TV never came to fruition.

News Stand

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MV Hatzvi home to the offshore radio station Arutz Sheva and, potentially, Arutz Sheva TV

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