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Radio Scotland - Programmes

Radio Scotland's First Programme Schedule

31st December 1965/1st January 1966

11.50pm           Welcome to Radio Scotland

11.59pm           Auld Lang Syne

12.00 midnight Ceilidh - David Kinnaird

2.00am             Beatles Show '66 (sponsored by the station's                          first advertiser, the News of the World)

2.30am             Top 50 of '65 - Roger Gale

5.00am             Scottish Top Twenty

6.00am             Rooster Call

9.00am             Hit the Deck

12 noon            The 242 Clan

2.00pm             Popscotch

3.00pm             Line Up

4.00pm             Blast Off

7.00pm             Look Ahead

7.05pm             Radio Church of God

7.35pm             Interval  (actually the station closed for a few                          hours because of poor night-time reception)  

10.30pm           Saturday Stampede

12.30am           Night Owls

2.00am             Closedown

Typical Radio Scotland Programme Schedule - January 1966

6.00am            Rooster Call

9.00am            Now Hear This

11.00am          Elevenses - David Kinaird

12noon             Swing Across Midday

1.00pm            The One o'Clock Gang Show

1.30pm            Shindig

2.30pm            Laze Around

4.30pm            Countdown

7.00pm            Look Ahead

7.05pm            Radio Church of God

7.35pm            Closedown (for three hours)

10.30pm          Blast Off

12 midnight      Northern Lights

2.00am            Closedown

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Radio Scotland Programme Schedule

July 1966

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