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Former Name(s)

Emma IM15

Zeeland KW122



Former Icelandic trawler



403 tons


1956 by de Dollard Shipyard, Landsmeer, Holland

Flag state(s)

Stations Housed

Radio Atlantis

(23rd December 1973 - 31st August 1974)

(Radio Condor also planned to use the ship when it was known as Zonaxonagon, but this station never came on air)

Ultimate fate

Scrapped 1976

(Spellings of the name vary - Janine, Jeanine, Janeine, Janiene)


On 1st September 1974 (after Radio Atlantis closed a few hours earlier), the Janine was towed in to Vlissingen Harbour by the station’s tender Onrust where she was met by a crowd of 1,000 supporters.

On 3rd September 1974 the vessel was arrested, on a warrant issued to Mr Swaneveld, who claimed the transmitter on board was owned by him. The following day the Public Prosecutor announced that legal proceedings were to be started against the former owners of Radio Atlantis (Adriaan van Landschoot, Roger Hendrickx and Marc van Petegem).

Attempts were made to sell the ship, but no purchasers were found. On 28th April 1976 the Janine was purchased at auction by ship breakers Van de Marel, Ouwerkerk, Holland and was broken up.


In February 1957 the Emma made her first voyage.

During April 1964 the Emma was chartered by an oil company for drilling exercises in the North Sea.

In 1967 the Emma was owned by NV Marezaten, and was sold to the Ouwehands fishing company in Katwijk ann Zee, Holland. They renamed the ship Zeeland KW122.

In 1970 the Zeeland was decommissioned from herring fishing and tied up in Katwijk harbour.

Two years later the ship was sold as scrap to Steph Willemsen  who planned to launch Radio Condor from the boat. Willemsen now called the boat Zondaxonagon .

On 30th July 1973 the ship was towed out of Ijmuiden because she had no engine (it had been destroyed in a fire aboard the ship while it was a trawler).

On 10th August the anchor chain broke, and the ship was towed to IJmuiden. The shipping inspector had doubts about the seaworthiness of the ship and she was sold as scrap.

On 25th September 1973 the ship was towed to international waters off the coast of Zandvoort, where Steph Willemsen purchased the boat back.

On 31st October 1973 Steph Willemsen sold the vessel to Adriaan van Landschoot to become the home for Radio Atlantis.


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Thanks to Martin van der Ven for allowing us to use some additional information from the Broadcasting Fleet section of the Offshore Radio Guide  in this Gallery

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Top: Janine in Flushing Harbour, 1974

Bottom: Janine being scrapped, 1976