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Galei Hayam Hatichon - History

Galei Hayam Hatichon (Mediterranean Waves) broadcast from the same ship as Radio Dan although neither station mentioned the other one on air.

The station, which started transmissions from the MV Kajur on 27th October 1995,  broadcast what was described as “Middle Eastern” music 24 hours a day.

Three weeks after broadcasts began from the Kajur Israeli Ministry of Communications officials raided the ship, claiming the  stations were broadcasting from inside Israeli territorial waters, shut both down and confiscated the radio equipment.

The backers of Galei Hayam Haitchon took the Kajur back to sea while they commenced legal proceedings to recover the confiscated broadcasting equipment, but on 23rd November 1995 the MV Kajur ran aground, and was badly damaged making her no longer seaworthy.

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