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CNBC - Technical

Right: the studio on board Borkum Riff


1 Kw  transmitter home built by Henricus (Henk) Oswald for Radio Veronica, following advice from engineers at Danish offshore station, Radio Mercur

Aerial Height

64’ (19m) x 2 with Marconi T antenna wire  strung between the two masts.


Equipment in the Zeedijk landbased studios:-

2 Telefunken M24 full track tape recorders

2 Garrard and Delphonic turntables

Neuman, Sennheister, Bayer and AKG microphones

1 custom-made mixing table

Each 1 hour of programmes were recorded on Agfa 22cm tape reels.

On board tape recorders (for playback of broadcast tapes) – Telefunken M24a/b

Right: the home built transmitter on board Borkum Riff

Photo: Hans Knot

Photo: Hans Knot

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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