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We’ll  let Peter’s daughter, Katherine,  tell the story -

This account is a reconstruction of events based on historical archives, photos and  Norcott family memories.

Peter Norcott (19th March 1926 – 18th March 2008), was the proprietor of Albany Motors in Broadstairs, Kent, and he provided assistance to  Radio Caroline (and Laser) over a sustained period of time, by taking food supplies, (including fresh fruit and vegetables), fuel and equipment to them at their anchorage points in the Thames Estuary, between 1983 and 1990.

Many photos were taken during various visits and they remained in an album until recently.   Peter’s  family have now decided to share some of their Dad’s experiences, achievements and endeavours in connection with helping Radio Caroline.

Peter Norcott was a keen CB radio user with a call sign “EARTHQUAKE” and also owned a small fishing boat Kingfisher, which he undoubtedly used to visit the Ross Revenge.   In addition, he also visited the Ross Revenge using a salvaged barge and to the best of our knowledge this was undertaken to deliver supplies including a large generator (s).  

I remember on numerous occasions Dad knocking on my door to ask me to freeze loaves of bread that he had brought to take to Radio Caroline, but was unable to go due to rough seas.

My sister, Eva,  remembers returning home one night  to find the crew from Radio Caroline in their front room at  St Georges Road,  Broadstairs.  This was either after they had been rescued or brought ashore for a different reason, and although we can’t remember the precise date, it happened between 1983 and 1986.

The story of the salvaged barge is an adventure in itself.  A storm hit Margate Pier in  January 1978, when much damage occurred.  This resulted in Thanet District Council  employing  the Liverpool Salvage and Demolition Co. Ltd, to demolish the dangerous remains of the pier.

During demolition works, another storm hit the area, causing a barge - Saker - used by the salvage company to run aground on Margate beach in January 1979, where it remained for months, until Dad managed to re-float it.

The barge was restored and moored at Richborough port. Following this, it was used by Dad to assist Radio Caroline, undoubtedly at his own expense.  

Eventually after an extended period of time, Dad  lost a court case to keep the Saker.

Peter Norcott was a very generous, helpful man, eccentric by nature and somewhat of a rebel., which is why he championed causes and went out of his way to help Radio Caroline.

I’m sure Dad would want to keep alive the spirit of Radio Caroline by sharing his memories and this account is a small reflection of what we have remembered.  I have no doubt that there would be more to tell if Dad was still with us.

We (the Norcott family) would like these photos to be used to tell Dad’s story and also to help fill in any missing details that may not have been captured before.

Broadstairs and St Peters Mail

4th April 1979

Click images to enlarge

Photos:- Courtesy Margate Local and Family History Group, (Facebook)

East Kent Times

30th March 1979

Unfortunately Peter didn’t date or caption his photographs.

We have been able to provide captions for many of the photos, but if you can help with any others we would love to hear from you at - resources@offshoreradiomuseum.co.uk

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