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Club Radio Syd

Club Radio Syd was established on 14th March 1963 at a meeting in Malmö. The Club was formed with the aim of supporting and stimulating interest in Radio Syd. Within a year they had 4,000 members and by the end of 1965, the number of members was almost 10,000

Club Radio Syd's board was :-

Chairman: Kjell Ekholm

Vice- President: Arne Johnson

Secretary: Lennart Borgqvist

Vice- Secretary: Claes Fritzell

Treasurer: Göran Svensson

Club Master: Ingvar Hjulström

Vice-Club Master: Kurt Nilsson

Contact person: Carsten Erichs

Materials Manager: Hardy Lorentzon

Some of the Club Radio Syd's main activities

Thanks to Lars-Hakan Persson for permission to use this membership card

Club Radio Syd demonstration in Malmo 27th August 1964

Ticket for a Club Radio Syd Party  8th November 1963

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Britt Wadner leaving Cheeta 2 to serve her first prison sentence.

Click on picture to see a British Pathe News film about the demonstration against the jailing of Britt Wadner in Malmo on May 1st 1966