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Former Radio Atlantis DJ and engineer Andy Anderson has died

DATELINE     5th July  2017

Former Radio Atlantis DJ and engineer, Andy Anderson has died at the age of 64.

Andy Anderson (Andy Gennell-Smith) was born in July 1952 and, until December 1973, he ran a  disco equipment business in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Then, shortly before Christmas 1973 he joined Radio Atlantis as a DJ and engineer and stayed with the station until it closed in August 1974.

After Radio Atlantis closed, he returned to his equipment firm and was also involved in the unsuccessful  Radio Dolphin project on Gunfleet Lighthouse (for which he was prosecuted under the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967).

 In June 1976 Andy joined Beacon Radio in Wolverhampton, later moving to Radio 210 in Reading and Essex Radio in Southend (where he was Chief Engineer). He was also involved, on the technical side,  with a number of other ILR stations as well as helping to establish  the national commercial radio stations -  Classic FM and Virgin Radio.

In 1983 Andy set up a company called Broadcast Designs making radio broadcast equipment under the trade name 'Soundtch', which  became Alice Soundtech in 1987.

(Additional information courtesy the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame)


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Photo: Bob le Roi