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Pioneer DJ Mike Allen dies

DATELINE    Portsmouth, 26th May  2017

Mike Allen, a pioneering DJ with Britain’s second offshore radio station, Radio Atlanta, has died at the age of 86.

Mike was born Alan Zeffertt on 15th May 1931 in Portsmouth and  was a songwriter and record producer for  Merit Music  - which was run by Allan Crawford the founder of Project Atlanta (Radio Atlanta).

Both he and fellow songwriter Tony Day  joined Radio Atlanta in June 1964 as DJs. Alan Zeffertt used on-air name, Mike Allen and Tony Day became Eddie Anthony.

When Radio Atlanta merged with Radio Caroline in July 1964 Mike stayed with the station, presenting a specialist jazz programme - 'Downbeat', as well as his usual daily shows.

He was one of the Caroline “Good Guys” during 1965 but left the station in October that same year.. However he continued to be heard for a time on pre-recorded interviews and shows which were taped on land.

Mike later presented a series (‘Triple Crowns’) for the BBC Light Programme and continued composing and  writing articles on jazz.

After moving back to his home town of Portsmouth he joined BBC Radio Solent and wrote articles for the local evening paper.

Mike had battled with Parkinson's Disease for some years and died on 26th May 2017, shortly after his 86th birthday.

(Additional information courtesy Pirate Radio Hall of Fame)


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