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Radio London and RNI DJ, Duncan Johnson, has died

DATELINE   London, 11th  October  2018

Duncan Johnson was born in Toronto, Canada, in August 1938.

After working in a variety of  jobs he first joined a radio station in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, later moving to CJOC in Lethbridge, Alberta and a station in Bermuda

In August 1963 he visited relatives in the UK and decided to stay, finding work as a compere and doing voice-overs. In late 1964 he heard about Radio London starting broadcasts from off the Essex coast and joined the station on 1st February 1965.

At first he covered for DJs who were on shore-leave then presented his own late night show, London After Midnight, when the station extended its broadcasting hours.

Duncan left Radio London in 1966 and joined the BBC Light Programme (forerunner to BBC Radio 2) presenting a programme called Double Spin. When BBC Radio 1 was launched in September 1967 Duncan became one of the station's first presenters, hosting the daily quiz Crack the Clue..

He renewed his association with offshore radio in April 1970 when he joined the recently launched Radio North Sea International (RNI) as one of its first presentation team.

He later worked for EMI Records,  Radio Luxembourg, BBC Radio London, Capital Radio and Invicta Radio and spent the last years of his career as financial controller for an advertising agency, finally retiring in 2004.

Duncan died on 11th October 2018, aged 80, after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease.

(Additional material courtesy of the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame)


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